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Transition Sheffield Radio, there is a plan to have a monthly one hour radio show on Sheffield Live!, if you are interested in getting involved please join the radio email list.


Agenda for next meeting

  1. What should we call our programme?
  2. When do we want the first programme to be? January 2010? Sooner?
  3. Ideas for things the programme should include:
    • What should the programme look like? I think it should centre on one main interview each month. It would be good to have a live interview but I doubt any of us feels confident enough yet. How do we overcome that? It would be good if someone with loads of experience could mentor us on that... We want our programme to have a buzz, content with wow factor rather than being stuff that people won't tune in for. Possible slots include:
    • Live or recorded interviews (Transitions members who've been to events and heard great speakers should also be encouraged to let us know about them for potential interviews).
    • Recording of speakers at events
    • Interactive element - eg asking people to write/email their 'green tips' (Transitions members who don't want to get involved in other ways could get involved in this way as it involves zero commitment). This could include book reviews/recommendations, where to get free stuff etc.
    • News round-up
    • Events/what's happening locally and nationally
  4. Quality control
    • Who is going to decide what goes in and what doesn't?
    • Who does what?
    • How to get more people involved?
    • Would be good to have two or three people with time on their hands but don't think we need a cast of thousands.
    • Clare, have you got the email address of the woman who does the Sharrow newsletter? She might be willing to record an events section - or at least provide us with the raw material. Does she only list events in Sharrow and immediate surrounds? Maybe you could also ask the new people who came to your film if they want to get involved?
    • Sangita - have we now got the email address of Steve at Sheffield Live!? I'm sure he has ideas he'd like to contribute and if he can come to the next meeting that would be great.
    • Notices and posters (Coop, Blue Moon, health food shops etc.)
    • Date for session with Sangita to find out how to do record telephone interviews in Sheffield Live studio

Things to do

  1. 21 Oct - Chris to record Pettifor/Giddens speeches
  2. Nov - Clare and Chris to record stuff from the Transitions North conference
  3. Interview with Patrick Harding. Susan is happy to set this up for next month once she knows how to do studio telephone interview. Would prefer a face to face but haven't got the technology, though guess I could borrow equipment from Sheffield Live!?
  4. Interview re Abundance - any volunteers?
  5. Interview with Sheffield Renewables - Chris would like to do this
  6. Climate teach-ins at university. Could do with full list.

Different parts of radio show

  • News
  • Interviews
  • what's on

Name of the Radio show

Ideas can be listed here:

  • Ecosnout (steve already has the url for this)
  • Ecowatch / Econews
  • Transition Sheffield Radio
  • EcoRadio
  • Radio Ecocide
  • Radio Plantary Ecocide
  • Radio Biosphere or Biosphere Radio
  • SEER - Sheffield Environmental and Ecological Radio. There's some other less flattering acronyms: SEEP, SLEEP, SHEEP
  • SHEP - SHeffield Environment Programme



  • New Guardian article: Arctic seas turn to acid, putting vital food chain at risk
  • Rich countries 'must slash living standards' to fight climate change [1]. Interesting article
  • UK Energy Research Centre report on peak oil [2]
  • IEA's 2009 World Energy Outlook and The Guardian's report of IEA whistleblowers[3].
  • The proposed biofuel plant. Interview Rocpower and Biofuel Watch?


Existing audio which could be used for shows, see also the Radio4All listing of Sheffield Indymedia audio and the RSS Feed:

Transition North 6th November 2009
Opening plenary session - MP3 93M
Closing plenary session - MP3 64M
4+°C and beyond 28th-30th September 2009
Lots of audio from an International Climate Conference.
Zero Growth Economy Conference
Four speakers in 16 segments from 2 to 10 minutes. Not sure when it was but a follow up is on 30th October in London.
Climate Change, Energy and the Politics of the Future - Ann Pettifor 21st October 2009
Audio The Triple Crunch: Risks & Opportunities – Ann Pettifor - MP3 35M
Audio The Triple Crunch: Risks & Opportunities – Q&A - MP3 24M
Climate Change, Energy and the Politics of the Future - Dr Alison Cooke 6th October 2009
Dr Alison Cooke - MP3 54M
Questions and Answers - MP3 19M
Transition Sheffield Community Supported Agriculture Meeting 23rd April 2009
Chris on Stroud Community Agriculture - MP3 4.3M
Kirstin Glendinning from the Soil Association - MP3 19M
Sheffield Green New Deal Conference 28th Feburary 2009
Opening Speeches - MP3 5.5M
Colin Hines, keynote address - MP3 25M
Sheffield City Council speakers - MP3 23M
Housing Workshop - MP3 42M
Housing, Energy and Skills Workshop - MP3 18M
Political Responses Workshop - MP3 35M
Local Economy Workshop - MP3 11M
Audio Plenary - MP3 9.4M
Grow Sheffield Audio: Andy Goldring of the Permaculture Association 10th Feburary 2009
Andy Goldring of the Permaculture Association - MP3 21M
Questions and Answers - MP3 17M
Roberto Perez: Cuba - from collapse towards sustainability 25th September 2008
Roberto Perez: Cuba - from collapse towards sustainability - MP3 94M
Sheffield Community Renewables - Public Launch 30th April 2008
Presentations and discussion - MP3 47M


Some other radio shows which cover related topics.

Transition Podcast
Carl Munson's Transition audio recordings.
Climate Radio
The 300-350 Show presented by Phil England, a 1/2 hour weekly show.
Radio4all listing and Radio4All Podcast RSS.
Radio Ecoshock
Alex Smith's 1 hour weekly show from British Columbia, Canada.
Radio4All listing and Radio4All Podcast RSS.
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