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Transition Heeley Meersbrook Diggers Allotment Group

We aim to work on organic principles, and to follow Permaculture & other principles sympathetic to the Transition Towns movement’s ideas and aims.

Allotment location

Plot 145 - Enter Meersbrook site at main entrance; follow path to end (white house is in front of you), turn right, allotment is on the left on the corner where a path goes to the left (the far corner not the near corner).

(Kevin & Rob’s plots are 3 along from the Transition allotment (on the main path, left side).

Gates (& shop)
usually open 10-11am on Sundays
all paid up Members should be issued with a key by the Treasurer.

Working the site

Work sessions are usually every Sunday at around 10.30am. With additional sessions as arranged as required / desired.

There is a Site Work Book kept in a tin next to the compost bins, with a current ‘Jobs to Do’ list.

Group members
Can be contacted by email or phone.
Registered Members Phone numbers / Contact details
Gary (Secretary) 0794 1765104 / 2811081
Hannah (Treasurer) 0796 8830690
Ron 0753 3022424
Mika 0750 1339195 / 2811081
Shelley 0775 7554081

Tools & materials

People should bring their own tools as far as possible. We will be buying tools as money allows.

Some of these may be stored in Kevin & Rob’s shed.

Useful tools:

  • Spade
  • Fork
  • Lopper
  • Shears
  • Secateurs
  • Trowel
  • Bow saw
  • Dibber
  • Rake
  • Gloves/protective clothing
  • please add to this list


  • Card / plastic sheet / carpet for covering soil to prevent weeds & hold in nutrients
  • Seeds
  • Manure / compost
  • Sticks, buckets, cold frames, netting, ………
Allotment workers are advised to get an up to date vaccination, to protect from risks from cuts from tools, glass, thorns, etc.

Issues on the site

There are various things to be aware of at Meersbrook allotments, such as scavenging by pigeons is a problem, the soil has a lot of heavy clay, building raised beds and adding improver such as rock dust can help.

Kevin Walters has developed a very nice wiki website for the allotments which cover a lot of useful issues:

The link below goes directly to a webpage with a couple of photos of the plot about three years ago TT allotment plot used to look (before an arson fire burnt the building down).

Word documents

Further information is available in the following files:

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