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What are the type of events we could put on and what are the aims? Also worth thinking about what kinds of events should be organised by the Hub group, and which would be better organised by local groups.

Aims of these events

  • To make ourselves known
  • To raise awareness of peak oil, climate change, food crisis, economic crisis etc.
  • To build up or create a sense of local community
  • To bring together other community initiatives in Sheffield such as Grow Sheffield and the alternative energy one.
  • To encourage and support other transition initiatives in Sheffield.

Types of events

  • Public film screenings - single events or a series of films like the 3x3.
  • Get a film screened at the Showroom and follow up with discussion.
  • Encourage people to have film screenings at their homes and invite friends.
  • Public talks by well known speakers or even ourselves.
  • Day school or afternoon event
  • Events around specific entities: work with
    • a school
    • university (or university dept)
    • trade unions
    • city council or a council dept
    • local food growers or growing initiatives
  • a party, a disco (even a street party) - have several aimed at different people: youth, old etc.
  • a community meal
  • be a part of existing events - have a stall at, for instance, the Farmer's Market, Green Fair, have a music tent or film tent at Peace in the Park etc.
  • 'Sunday Swaps' to exchange books, tools, seeds, clothes etc
  • music gigs at home ('house concert') - one is planned for Meersbrook that we could maybe get in on.
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