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Community screenings of films is a great way to raise awareness about peak oil, climate change and Transition Initiatives. From Sept 2008 to November we showed 9 films in 3 different areas - our 3x3 film show.

Here are some films that we could screen. There is also a page for brainstorming ideas in the forums:


Blind Spot

What if all of the expectations you have about the future are completely wrong? Made in 2008 this is mostly about peak oil but also talks about economics and climate change. Similar to What a Way to Go but more like the standard style of documentary rather than the peronsal style. Contains much good stuff and is one of the few documentaries with Joseph Tainter (The Collapse of Complex Societies). Many other well known speakers: James Hansen (NASA), Derrick Jensen, Richard Heinberg, Jason Bradford (Reality Report), William Catton, Albert Bartlett etc. & Trailer[1]

Peak Oil: Imposed by Nature

30 minute documentary featuring Colin Campbell, founder of ASPO, and perhaps the person that has done more than anyone to alert the world to the problem of peak oil. Good intro that's not too long and thus allow plenty of time for discussion afterwards.

Power of Community – How Cuba survived Peak Oil

Very good and very positive about how Cuba coped with the economic impact of the collapse of the USSR. Doesn't however deal with the politics of Cuba, but this is not what the film is about.

A Crude Awakening: the oil crash

Good overview of Peak Oil, nothing really on solutions.

The End of Suburbia

Documentary showing the effect of oil depletion on suburbia. Really good, but, as with most these films, very US centric.

11th Hour

Great film narrated by Leonardo De Caprio that has been described as a follow up to An Inconvenient Truth. The Ecologist magazine said that this is the film they would make if they were making a film. The film is much broader than An Inconvenient Truth looking at ecological devastation and mass extinction, planetary toxification as well as climate change.

What A Way To Go: life at the end of the empire

Very good -- addresses many more issues than just Peak Oil and Climate Change, in particular mass extinction and overshoot (overpopulation). However for those not already familiar with these topics this film is likely to be pretty shocking/depressing.

Denial Stops Here: From 9-11 to Peak Oil and Beyond

Michael Ruppert - good, made a few years ago but still worth watching.

Oil, Smoke and Mirrors

Good, links Peak Oil and the War on Terror

A Really Inconvenient Truth

I haven't seen this but it looks good:

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