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A vision of Meersbrook in 2030

Meersbrook is a part of Sheffield 2030.

The Park

Lots of fruit and nut trees have been planted. There are 6 wind turbines in the park and the grass areas have been plumbed for ground source heat pumps.


The retail park car park is now a market and the half the shops have been converted into an indoor market area.

Meersbrook House

Meersbrook House in the park has become a cafe, library and a community and social centre.


Domestic energy requirements are substantially reduced due to the massive levels of insulation that the housing stock now has and due to the LED lighting that is in use everywhere and because people eat out far more than before in the numerous community cafes.

Renewable energy is generated via wind turbines, passive solar, solar hot water, PV air and ground sourced heat pumps and a dozen community combined heat and power plants burning biomass in addition to clean burn wood stoves that are used on the coldest days.


Most car parks and derelict land has been converted to urban agriculture with poly tunnels and raised beds.


There are 3 tram stops along the section of the new line which runs alongside the railway line. Every street has cycle paths and there has been more pedestrianisation. Horses are commonplace and no longer only seen when used by the police.

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