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This page is intended as a guide to the various web sites that are available for Transition groups in Sheffield to use.


Email Lists

If you are setting up a new Transition group in Sheffield then the first thing that you probably want to do is set up a email list.

We have our own list server, and to ask for a new list to be created please email saying what the list should be called (usually based on the area the group is to cover) and what email address should be sent the admin details for the list.

If you are an existing group and you want to set up additional lists and you are confident that you can use Mailman (the list server software) yourself then please email and ask for the list creation password so you can use the create a list form yourself to create as many lists as you need.

Wiki Pages

Articles on the Main Site

Discussion Forums

Email Accounts and Forwarding



Things that need sorting out, in no particular order...

List Migration
Move the two lists to our server and rename the discussion one to and the announcements list to so that people only have one list server to cope with and also so that all the lists and listed here:
Complete the documentation on this page and then properly document the virtual servers that all the site are running on and how things are set up.
Currently you need separate accounts (a username and password) on all these sites to post and edit content, however the plan is to implement OpenID at somepoint so one username and one password can be used for all the sites (apart from the list server which doesn't use usernames but email addresses).
Upgrade and change the theme to something green and implement RSS feeds so that the www site can display the latest posts.
Sort out the display of RSS feeds from the other sites.
Sort out a good events application as part of the www Drupal site of the MediaWiki wiki site.
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