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Below is a list of venues suitable for showing films with a capacity of around 50 people.


Vestry Hall

A council owned building on Cemetery Road right next to Waitrose supermarket.

  • Close to city centre and still in Sharrow
  • Plenty of parking in Waitrose car park
  • Stage to raise screen of the ground
  • kitchen
  • 50% discount for voluntary groups (£15 for first hour, £7.50 subsequent hours)

Contact James Kidman 205-3047

Highfield Trinity Church

A church building on the east side of London Road just south of the the split with Abbeydale Road.

  • Fairly central to Sharrow
  • Big dark room with stage for screen (hinged white board could be used)
  • kitchen

Contact: Richard Pinder (get no. from Peter England: 235 1496)

Sharrow School

Has a nice round building though probably not available after 8pm and you have to take off shoes when inside.

Sharrow Community Forum

The old school building on South View Road. Nice big room in the heart of Sharrow but booked up mid week evenings.

Bramall Lane Community Suite

Located on John Street on the N side of the football ground.

  • Cheapish - £7.50 per hour
  • Plush venue
  • Kitchen?
  • No windows so good for films.


  • Not really in Sharrow
  • Not so well known.

Contact: Sharrow Community Forum

Mount Pleasant Community Centre

Red Brick building on Sharrow Lane.

  • Car park
  • Central for Sharrow
  • Cheap?


  • Not that big
  • Big room has large windows, small room is probably too small.

Contact: Denise on 260 3555

The Hub

Just behind Mount Pleasant Community Centre. Two reasonable sized rooms though some doubt for availability. Could be used with existing users which are in the 13 to 19 age range.

St Mary's Church

For films they suggested the outbuildings (either the Pavillion Room or the Garden Room) because the main church has poor acoustics. The rooms can viewed on their website.

  • Plush venue
  • Close to city centre
  • Well known
  • Free parking


  • expensive - £110 per evening plus 95p for tea/coffee per person (can't bring your own)
  • Not in Sharrow

Cafe Euro

The cheap organic cafe next to the Edge climbing wall on John Street. This is a smaller venue that would probably be crowded with 50 people.

  • Nice relaxed and intimate interior
  • Free if enough people buy food/drink there


  • A bit small
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