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Below are details of the funding application as filled in and submitted on 6th Jan.

Further down are the requirements of the funding application which Transition Sheffield would seem to fulfill pretty nicely.


The Application Form

This is how the application form was filled in:

Events/activities information

a. What activities will you put on if we give you a grant

Transition Sheffield is an all voluntary group that is part of the national and international Transition Towns movement. Transition Initiatives aim to provoke community responses to twin threats of climate change and oil depletion. We want to host a series of film and discussion evenings in Sharrow to raise awareness of the looming energy crisis, climate change, how they will affect people's lives and how they can respond.

b. When and Where will the activities or event take place?
We want to have a 4 nights about 3-4 weeks apart beginning in mid-March. There are several possible venues available, the most promising being the Vestry Hall on Cemetery Road or Highfield Trinity Church on London Road.

c. What difference will these activities or this event make to the people of Sharrow?
By raising awareness about the energy crisis and it's effects people will be more able to handle what will undoubtedly be very difficult times ahead. Hopefully this will inspire people to prepare for these changes ahead of time and get people to strengthen their local community by forming a local Transition Initiative in Sharrow.

d. Who will benefit from the activities or event, and how? How many people will take part?
If a Sharrow Transition Initiative is begun after the series of films then the whole community should eventually benefit, even those who don't take part. However for the people attending these 4 events we would hope for a minimum of 40 to 50 people at each one.

e. How do the activities or event improve community cohesion within Sharrow?

These events aim to inspire a Sharrow Transition Initiative which is a community response to the problems of peak oil and climate change. The whole point is to build community resilience through working projects such as local food production, transportation, energy supply, education etc..

f. How will the activities or event be advertised?

Primarily though leaflets and posters but also via local radio. Sheffield Live is very interested in these kinds of events and hopefully Radio Sheffield may agree to an interview too. They will also be promoted through web sites and email and hopefully the local newspapers.

g. Please give a breakdown of the cost of the activities or event


Item requested

£ per item



Venue hire 4 hours @ £15 per hour




10,000 A5 Flyers double sided + design




Flyer distribution

£100.00 est

£100.00 est


Posters x 250




Food and refreshments




Hire of screen




Materials (paper, pens, printouts)




Money to film producers for public screening




Sound equipment hire




Projector hire



Total cost of activity


Total grant requested


Total you will contribute

Notes On Above

  1. Room Hire at £15 per hour. 4 nights for 4 hours per evening = 16 x £15 = £240
  2. 10,000 leaflets: double sided A5 leaflet = £362.00 (price quoted here:
  3. Estimate for having flyers distributed.
  4. Posters 250 x A3 = £128.00 @ Multicopy (£159 price quoted here:
  5. Tea, milk, coffee, sugar, biscuits etc.
  6. Two places both quote £40 for an 8'x6' screen:
  7. Money for materials used in discussion session and info to take away.
  8. One US film requires money for public screenings.

Shine on Sharrow Funding Criteria

Sharrow is full of a diverse and vibrant mix of people with a whole host of activities, groups and festivals going on and bringing people together. We want to support events and activities that strengthen the identity and community of Sharrow, as well as celebrate and promote the character of Sharrow. This fund will help to build new opportunities to make Sharrow an even better place to live and work.

That's why Sharrow Partnership have created the 'Shine on Sharrow' fund which is all about helping Sharrow to shine by strengthening the community. The fund is open to community groups or individuals running group activities or events. Applicants can apply for funding towards an event or project without even having a constitution in place, or a bank account in your group's name. A group or individual can apply for up to £1000 in a financial year.

The criteria for applying for the fund are:

  • Increasing understanding between individuals, groups or communities from diverse backgrounds to learn about each others' cultures and break down barriers.
  • Bringing people together to support joint activities and initiatives.
  • Bringing generations together - activities that bring young and older people together.
  • Promoting understanding and learning between faiths.
  • Getting neighbours talking toeach other - e.g. street-based activities that build on long term relationships and schemes that welcome new neighbours
  • Breaking down any isolation - e.g. activities that encourage individuals that normally don't get involved in their community and informal events to introduce people to others living in the area.
  • Promoting Sharrow as a good place to live and work

Covering the Sharrow, Abbeydale and Highfield/Lowfield areas, applications need to show benefits to one or more of these neighbourhoods. So whether you are running a street party, helping set up a gardening club, holding a sports competition, running a festival, or helping support people new to the area, then phone 0114 273 4113 to ' request an application pack or to find out more - and see if you can make Sharrow shine'

For publicity purposes projects are required to acknowledge the assistance given through Sharrow Partnership so that the general public are aware of the funds available and the benefit they can bring to Sharrow.

We will acknowledge your application form when we receive it. The panel meets once per month to make decisions about grants. Please see the enclosed sheet with deadlines for applications, and panel meeting dates. You will be notified of the decision on your grant application within one week of the panel date.

As part of looking at the effectiveness of the 'Shine on Sharrow Fund', applicants will be contacted by phone after the activity or event has finished to arrange an informal chat to reflect on how the project had gone on.

Examples of Previous applications

Spring Clean Day

Sharrow residents were unhappy with the messy look of their street and with funding from Sharrow Partnership, organised a Spring Clean Up Day. This involved local people taking part in litter picks, graffiti removal, painting competitions for children and planting to add some colour to the street.

Maughan Pearce, local resident, was really pleased with how the event had gone. 'A lot of hard work has gone in to the day with a whole variety of community members involved. I think it's helped people appreciate the importance of keeping their street clean, but have fun at the same time and see real results'.

Abbeydale Eid Festival

Sharrow Partnership helped to fund the first ever multi-cultural Eid show at the Abbeydale Picture House. The family event included fantastic performances from the Open Minds Theatre Company about the experiences of first and second generation Kashmiris living in South Yorkshire. There were also exhibitions on Asian fashion, beauty treatments, henna workshops and traditional musical acts.

Tanwir Rauf, local resident and trustee of Abbeydale Picture House said 'We were delighted to be able to offer the local Sharrow community and people from further afield the chance to enjoy their very own Eid show. It will make a change for many in the area who often have to travel to places like Manchester, Leeds or Bradford to be able to enjoy a similar festival of family entertainment."

If you want to discuss your idea for an activity or an event, please contact the Voluntary Sector Liaison Team on 2734113 or

What is Sharrow Partnership?

Sharrow Partnership brings together local people with service providers, like the Council, the Police, health services and education to improve local services and make them more appropriate to Sharrow. We want to make sure that residents' concerns define and shape service provision, rather than external bodies deciding what should be done.

What are the Sharrow Partnership priorities?

  • Improved community cohesion within Sharrow
  • Improved feelings of safety
  • Environmental improvement and maintenance
  • Economic development of London Road

Visit to find out in more detail the activities of the Partnership over the last year

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