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Welcome to the Transition Sheffield wiki site. This is one of 4 parts of the Transition Sheffield web presence:

If you are setting up a Transition group in Sheffield and are wondering what help you can get with getting set up with email lists and web pages then please look at the Network Services page.


The links below 'wiki navigation' take you to the main areas of this site. Those below 'transition sheffield' are to the main site.

About Transition

The transition model emboldens communities to look peak oil and climate change squarely in the eye and unleash the collective genius of communities to build resilience and reduce carbon emissions. For more info, see Transition Initiatives or read through the Transition Primer (pdf) to get a really good idea what this is about.

You can also see Sheffield's statement of Aims.

About Wikis

What is a wiki?
A wiki is a web site that is designed to make editing and updating very easy for anyone to do. The most famous wiki site is Wikipedia, a site which has had the input of thousands of people and is growing all the time. Wiki sites are collaborative projects.
Can I edit this site then?
Yes, once you've created a log on for yourself (user name and password). You can edit pages and create new ones by clicking on the edit tab at the top of each page (this is only visible once you've logged on). To learn how see the links under 'Getting Started' below.

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