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The following aims were discussed at meetings on 151208 and 060109 and there have been several emails about them: 1, 2


"We are motivated by the challenges of climate change and the energy crisis to engage all of Sheffield's communities in the transition to a sustainable society. We aim for healthier, happier, inclusive, creative and resilient communities, free from dependence on fossil fuels."

Guiding principles

We embrace the following as guiding principles for our working processes

  • Being inclusive and open, avoiding all forms of discrimination, avoiding stereotypes, and reaching out to others to overcome divisions
  • Working in ways which empower others, by supporting consensus decision making, decentralising decision making to the most appropriate level, helping others to access good information, trusting them to make good decisions, and enabling sharing and networking
  • Building resilience (the ability to be self reliant, flexible and to adapt under stress)
  • Generating positive ideas and open possibilities rather than campaigning against things
  • Paying attention to inner world views and belief systems as well as external physical processes i.e. understanding the importance of attitudes and feelings as well as actions

The role of the Hub group

  • Taking on a visioning role
  • Supporting local TT neighbourhood groups and/or groups within the region
  • Supporting and networking with groups whose objectives are closely related to our aims
  • Outreach to other types of community groups
  • Where necessary, undertaking a liaison role across the city eg. with the council

Further Reading

See also the Constitution page.

Needless to say there is lots of other ideas on the web that are worth checking out. Add them here:

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