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Hazelhurst CSA

This is somewhere to gather notes and references to materials on the issuing of shares.

Community Shares has links to 3 PDF's on their resources page:

Community Share and Bond Issues — The sharpest tool in the box
From the Development Trusts Association a 37 page PDF.
Community Investment — Using Industrial and Provident Society Legislation
From Co-operativesUK a 38 page PDF.
Community Investment in Community Supported Agriculture
From The Soil Association a 7 page PDF.

Community Shares also has a set of 7 factsheets:

  1. What is community investment?
  2. People and communities
  3. Shares and bonds
  4. Financial promotions
  5. Capital finance
  6. Legal structures
  7. Feasibility studies

From Factsheet 5 Capital finance:

IPSs can issue share capital that is transferable only, or withdrawable only, or transferable and withdrawable, although the exact nature of the share capital must be stated clearly in the organisation’s rules.

From Factsheet 6 Legal structures:

IPSs are treated differently from companies, including Community Interest Companies, when they promote community investment in the form of withdrawable share capital. Withdrawable share capital is exempt from regulation by the Financial Services and Markets Act. There are also exemptions for withdrawable share capital from regulations covering the approval of financial promotions and compliance with the Money Laundering Regulations 2007.

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