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Hazelhurst CSA

This is somewhere to gather notes on social accounts -- a set of social accounts is something that Hazelhurst CSA might agree to produce on a annual basis, along with the financial accounts.

Social accounting is built into the Somerset Rules and Alex has explained that "The social accounting procedure is not our invention, but is copied almost word for word from the Social Accounting Network's recommendations of best practice.".

On The Social Audit Network website there is document on the benefits of producing social accounts and there is a page which describes the three-step process and links to a Social Accounting and Audit in One Page document.

The The Social Audit Network run a two-day Social Accounting Master-class which is "aimed at people who wish to understand the Three Step social accounting process either in order to facilitate the process with social economy organisations or to use it within their own organisation. The cost of these classes in the UK is £375 including a copy of the social accounting and audit Manual & CD and dinner on the first evening."

The Social Audit Network charge £600 for a day and a half of work in auditing a "Audited Self-verification" account, see their Guidance on Social Audit Levels and Statements. See also their list of required contents for social accounts and a suggested structure.

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