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This page is for anything to do with events we may host. For upcoming events that have already been organised see the events page on the main site.

See also the Category:Events page and the Special:Events page.

So far we have:

  • Events brainstorm - what kind of events could Transition groups put on?
  • Films - a list of films and their descriptions we have shown (or may show).
  • Festivals_2009 We are holding a stall at a number of festivals/events this year. We need volunteers to help out. See which festivals we plan to be at and which times we need people for.
  • Venues A page to collate info about all the possible venues for public meetings, large and small. See Sharrow venues too which lists the pros and cons of venues in and around Sharrow.

How to make events show on the calender

To make a page show up on the calender simply add the page to the events category by adding a tag like this to the page:


And then add a category for the date:


Older stuff

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